I’m not a runner but…

June 10, 2015
I just signed up for a half marathon.

It’s about four months from now, and I decided to do it on a whim. I know a lot of bloggers write about their fitness success after the fact, but in an effort to be brave, I’ve decided to write as I go. (Fitness is not my strong suit people, but I know how important it is to leading a balanced, healthy lifestyle.) With the transition from graduating college to working a full time job, I needed something to hold me accountable to what should be my first priority right now– my health, both physical and mental. Put quite simply, I don’t like to exercise. I resent people who love to run and lift weights endlessly, and don’t get me wrong, I love the endorphin kick I get after a good workout, but I often lose the battle when it comes to actually starting my workout.

Before I started working full-time, I had a plan. I would wake up every morning at six and get in a good hour-long workout. Reality check! I don’t wake up at six. Ever. Until about 10am, I’m essentially a zombie– with or without coffee. I’m a lazy waker-upper. I don’t hop right out of bed, I lay there snuggling with my dog for a good 15-20 minutes before I can even fathom the idea of getting out of bed. My office does summer hours from June-September, which means we’re working 8am-5:15/5:30pm Monday-Thursday so that we can only work Fridays 8am-1pm. It’s a pretty sweet deal, unless you’re a recent college grad who’s earliest class was at 11am their last semester. (Okay, maybe it was an 8:30 class… but case in point, I never made it to that one.)

Fitness and I have always had a tumultuous relationship. I love food, love relaxing, and while I do enjoy being outside (and want to get outside more!), anything beyond laying out in the sun is a little beyond my comfort zone. Pathetic? Yes. I have every intention of changing that this summer. Between longer days and shorter Friday hours, I’m hoping I’ll be able to adjust my schedule to incorporate more exercise (am and pm!).

For me, the hardest part of not exercising is not reaching your goals fast enough. I’m someone who gets easily overwhelmed by “the big picture”, and forget that there are tons of baby steps you often need to take to make that “big picture” a reality. So I figure while I work on myself and my fitness goals, I may as well start small with weekly goals.

This week I will:

Get up at least two mornings to exercise.

Do something active every day.

Eat five small meals a day.

Journal my thoughts each evening.

Summer is a season of rebirth. Everything is coming back to life from the cold, dead winter. So why shouldn’t I, right?

Do you have any fitness goals for this summer?


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