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June 7, 2016


One of the things I’ve experienced in the past year is that dreams change. To say the past year post-grad has been a year of growth would be a huge understatement. I landed what was basically my dream job right out of school, only to find that a year later, the allure of said dream job had completely worn off. Now, in my first week after having left that job, I’m back in my natural habitat—writing in my room, a cup of coffee on the nightstand, with Pinterest at the ready to serve as inspiration. Only, today feels different. I don’t really need Pinterest to feel inspired, because for the first time in a year, I’m inspired by (get this) my life.

I wrote a post a while back about standing still in the standstill, but every standstill must come to an end. Funny how these things work. I’m in a place now where my life is no longer defined by my job, my relationship status, where I’m at in school, what my degree was. Because now life is all about my experience. In short, there’s nothing holding me back anymore.

Making the decision to leave Vermont in early August was hard—but it’s the first thing I’ve been absolutely sure of in probably years. My dreams were always checkboxes.

  • Graduate college—Check
  • Land amazing job—Check
  • Fall in love—Check
  • Start a life with someone (marriage, kids, the whole shebang)
  • Continue to excel in career

Nobody told me that three of my major aspirations in life would be fulfilled in a year. Nobody told me that graduating college and landing an amazing job didn’t guarantee happiness. Perhaps more importantly, nobody told me that falling in love didn’t guarantee happiness. Nobody told me that falling out of love, albeit difficult, could be the best thing that ever happened to me. As life often is, this year has been wildly unpredictable.

The standstill was always my comfort zone. I’ve met people this past year who have pushed me in one way or another to challenge myself and face life head on. I feel like I used to hide from it. My friends have been a huge part of my growth this year, showing me what true friendship is and what it means to really be there for people when they need you, and even when they don’t. They inspire me everyday because a lot of them are kind of just getting by, enjoying what they have, and not questioning what life brings them—but rather, just embracing life as it comes.

They look forward to adventure, whereas I used to cower from it. They’ve taught me that life isn’t always about the checkboxes or the dream job or the perfect relationship. I’ve learned that in our twenties, it’s okay to not have everything figured out. As it turns out, “adult-ing” is just a fancy word for figuring it out as you go, often cluelessly. And so, in pursuit of a new adventure, and a new dream of becoming my best self, no matter what the checkboxes may be, I’ve decided to venture out and move to Colorado come early August.

I’ve known I’ve loved it out there since I was about 15. Colorado is a lot like Vermont, but bigger. There’s so much to do out there that Vermont doesn’t have to offer. I’ve got some family out there and friends as well, so it’s comforting to know that in the midst of such a large move I’ll have a support system as well. I’m so excited for this move, but more importantly, I’m ready. I have a few friends road trippin’ out there with me and we’ll be camping along the way— so keep a look out for some great Instas 🙂

My advice for new college grads? Don’t beat yourself up about life’s checkboxes. They will change year to year, and the last thing you should do with your life is miss it as it passes you by, while you’re busying yourself working towards the goals society has made up for you. Take life as it comes, and happiness will find you.


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